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Remote Monitor & Control

With the Beagle camera, you can remotely access to monitor your 3d printing with your mobile phone, even if you're out of your home. You can easily monitor the printing temperature, percent of printing and left time to go.

Mintion Beagle camera remote monitor the camera for 3d print
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Auto Time-lapse

The Beagle camera has embedded the codes in the system to capture the image of the model when one layer is finished. The commands are included to move the hot end and Y-axis aside then resume printing after capture is done. You can download the video from the App or PC browser. 

Timer Time-lapse

With Firmware of Beagle camera 1.1.7 and above version, the 3d printer camera can be used in other places to automatically generate time-lapse videos, such as third-party devices, laser engravers, plant growth recording plant growth, weather changes, etc. (only supports time-lapse video, for details about the timer timelapse video, please click here)

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APP & Computer

​​Our camera support access by the Beagleprint App on a mobile phone or by the camera's IP address on the computer(only for LAN access). It will be easier and more flexible to know the 3d printing status.

Mintion Beagle camera for app and computer.jpg

Printing Notification

With the push notifications for printing complete, pause, and off, you can know the printing status in time to avoid any accidents. Everything is Under Your Control with Beagleprint APP.

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​The Beagle camera is compatible with major popular FDM 3d printers in the market now. With regular firmware upgrading, the camera is evolving with more 3d printers and slicers in compatibility. Keep upgrading the firmware for more features. Reach the Compatibility page for the 3d printers list, the Download page for the latest firmware.

mintion beagle camera compatible 3d printer list.jpg
Mintion Beagle camera specification.jpg

Evolving product

The Mintion Beagle camera is an evolving project, we will update the firmware and the Beagleprint App regularly to be compatible with more 3d printers and different slicers. Please upgrade to the latest camera firmware and Beagleprint App to have a better experience with our product. Please note that we will update the firmware and the app regularly. 

Beagle dog - 480.jpg


Excellence Watchdog

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog with a friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog.


Guardian on Your Printing

We hope that our beagle camera becomes a reliable printing guardian like a beagle; We are watching the printing progress from anywhere and finding the temperature abnormal to cause the printing issues to avoid the waste of filament.


Meanwhile, this camera is embedded with one button to auto-generation time-lapse videos to make 3d printing more fun, just like the Beagle always seems to be finding ways to make you laugh at them.

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