Firmware & App Upgrade

The Beagle camera is an evolving project, we will update the firmware and the Beagleprint App regularly to be compatible with more 3d printers and different slicers. Please upgrade to the latest camera firmware and Beagleprint App to have a better experience with our product. Please note that we will update the firmware and the app regularly. Hence, please keep updated with this page. 

The latest firmware

Version: Beagle_1.1.5

Released Date: 2022-10-25

What's new?

- Optimized the verification of the Gcode file command sending, and added the logic that the command will be re-sent if the validation fails.

- Fixed the bug that some commands in the Gcode file have spaces at the beginning that the Prusaslicer sliced.

- Fixed the incompatibility of Gcode files with thumbnails. The reason is that a line of thumbnail data is too long to parse with errors. 

- Fixed the bug of coordinate return failing when the time-lapse video feature is on in some CR-10 3d printers. 

- Optimized the pause duration when the printing was finished in Clean Time-lapse Video mode.

- Fixed the bug of camera pause in Normal Time-lapse Video mode.

- The maximum length of the Gcode file name is extended from 64 to 127 bytes, and optimized the bug and reminder message if the file name is beyond 127 bytes; the problem of the Gcode name being displayed in a newline is corrected.

- Fixed the bug that the SD card is read-only, which causes the webpage is open with an error.

- Fixed the bug that there are special characters in the Gcode file name that causes abnormality on the webpage.

- Fixed the bug that there's a probabilistically failed to identify in QR Scan Configuration. 

- Fixed the bug that coordinates are incorrect in the final position to capture images when the time-lapse feature is on in some Gcode files. 



 (This firmware was planned with filament running out to resume the printing feature. However, we found the software solution is not the final solution because we figured out there are many differences between different brands 3d printers. Even some brand 3d printers are run with opposites codes or some with incomplete interaction between USB serial section and chipset. Therefore, we will release a beta version for some 3d printers with the filament resume printing feature. The final solution is we will make a convertor with filament sensor for all 3d printers in coming weeks.)

The latest App

Beagleprint - 512.png


Version: V1.2.6

Released Date: 2022-10-25

What's new?

- Fix the bug of the keyboard issue in the registration

- Fixed the bug that there's a probabilistically failed to identify in QR Scan Configuration

- Optimized the time-lapse features on interaction

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