Auto Time-lapse Video
without any setting

​​Beagleprint will send commands to the printer to move the hot end aside to capture the images, and then it will generate a pretty cool time-lapse video automatically without any settings.

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Mintion Beagle camera Beagleprint (4).jpg
Mintion Beagle camera Beagleprint (5).jpg
Mintion Beagle camera Beagleprint (6).jpg
Beagleprint auto time-lapse camera by Mintion (5).jpg

About us

Make it Simple

Mintion was founded by some 3D printing enthusiasts and committed to providing simple, easy-to-use, and affordable products for customers; our mission is to make 3D printing more accessible and enjoy more fun.

Beagle dog - 480.jpg

The Beagle

Excellence Watchdog

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog and friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog.


Guardian on Your Printing

We also hope that the Beagleprint camera becomes a reliable printing guardian like a beagle; We are watching the printing progress from anywhere at any time and finding the temperature abnormal to cause the printing issues to avoid the waste of filament.

Meanwhile, this camera is embedded with auto-generation of time-lapse videos to make 3d printing more fun, just like the Beagle always seems to be finding ways to make you laugh at them.

Mintion Beagle Camera-2.jpg

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