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Update Date: 2023-12-4

BeagleEngrave is an application with an easy and clean interface to remote monitoring the real-time video of your engraving/cutting and control your laser engraver status. With BeagleEngrave, you would auto-generate pretty cool time-lapse videos without any settings.

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Version: V1.0.5

Released Date: 2023-12-4

What's news?

- Fixed the Apple IOS 17 compatibility issue; 
- Optimized the logic of video display after reconnect;
- Optimized the fire power;
- Fixed known bugs;

Version: V1.0.4

Released Date: 2023-9-8

What's news?

- Fix the bug on screen capture; 
- Optimize the power of fire;
- Fix the bug of camera adding in LAN network;
- Fix known bugs
- Update guidelines articles;

Version: V1.0.3

Released Date: 2023-8-9

What's news?

- Added the Flame Sensor to the Bluetooth device;

- Added the tutorial of Lasercam;
- Fixed the bug of the custom setting;
- Fixed the bug of camera capture feature;
- Fixed some known bugs;
- Update the compatible laser engraver list;

Version: V1.0.2

Released Date: 2023-7-3

What's news?

- Fixed the uploading issue of large-size files;
- Added the message push feature of the app;
- Added the Fire, Move, and Control parameters;
- Optimized the UI design

Version: V1.0.1

Released Date: 2023-6-2

What's news?

- Update the UI Design

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