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Why Beagleprint?

The Beagle

Excellence Watchdog

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog with a friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog.


Guardian on Your Printing

We hope that our Beagle camera becomes a reliable printing guardian like a beagle; We are watching the printing progress from anywhere and finding the temperature abnormal to cause the printing issues to avoid the waste of filament.

Meanwhile, this camera is embedded with one button to auto-generation time-lapse videos to make 3d printing more fun, just like the Beagle always seems to be finding ways to make you laugh at them.

Benefits from Beagleprint

Remote Monitor & Control

Remote access your printer from anytime anywhere to check the printing status and real time video streaming

Notification on Hand

The App will push the message on your phone when the printing is finished, paused, stopped or errors

Access by PC Browser

You can approach the camera on your computer if they are in the same LAN network and easy to upload the gcode files

Auto-generate Timelapse Video

Automatically generate the timelapse videos by the camera and there're four modes to be selected

Multiple Management

With the App, you can easily manage and check your printers' status and real time videos only by one mobile phone

Failure Printing to Check

You can easily stop the printing in the App if you found there's a failure printing to save your filament

Make with Fun

Four different timelapse video modes to generate the video automatically

Clean Timelapse Video

The hot end and hot bed will be moved automatically when one layer is finished to create a timelapse video like model self-grow. But it will take longer time to print.

Normal Timelapse Video

The camera will capture the image when one layer is finished, but won't move the hot end and hot bed. And this will show the hot end in timelapse video.

Beagle UV Timelapse

This timelapse video for resin printing need to work with UV sensor to make the video. With UV sensor, camera will capture the image when getting the signal from UV sensor.

Timer Timelapse Video

This mode allows to make timelapse video even without connecting to the printer. You can set the timing to capture as a camera to make timelapse video.

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