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Mintion Lasercam for Laser Engraver/Cutter | LightBurn Camera | LightBurn Wireless Brigde | Remote Monitor & Control | Positioning

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The Mintion laser camera is specially designed as a standalone product with multiple functions for laser engraver/cutter and is compatible with major popular brands of diode laser engraver(Such as xTool, Atomstack, Sculpfun, Twotree, Ortur, Creality, NEJE, Longer, etc), complies with...

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The Mintion laser camera is specially designed as a standalone product with multiple functions for laser engraver/cutter and is compatible with major popular brands of diode laser engraver(Such as xTool, Atomstack, Sculpfun, Twotree, Ortur, Creality, NEJE, Longer, etc), complies with GRBL protocol with Lightburn and LaserGRBL

Mintion's new laser camera is now on sale. You can click here to view details.


  • Plug & Play, Easy-to-use.
  • LightBurn wireless connection, wireless connectivity for data transmission and video streaming between LightBurn and laser engraver.
  • Remote Monitor & Control your laser engraver/cutter.
  • Fire Detection to Alarm & Alert Message Push on App, Protect your laser engraver and your safety.
  • Offline engraving/cutting to free your computer and protect your eyes.
  • Precisely positioning in Lightburn, trace image and batch engraving/cutting.
  • Auto-generate timelapse videos for engraving/cutting job.
  • Manual focus of camera lens for a better view.
  • BeagleEngraver App to remote access from anytime anywhere.
  • Support PC Browser to monitor & control the laser engraver/cutter .
  • Normal Record & Playback to save evidence if there's any incident.
  • 1080P resolution for video streaming .
  • Dual WiFi Bands of 2.4GHz & 5GHz for wireless connection.
  • Come with a positioning holder bracket and a tripod for different angle view.
Mintion Lasercam for Laser Engraver/Cutter | LightBurn Camera | LightBurn Wireless Brigde | Remote Monitor & Control | Positioning
USA - $109.99
  • USA - $109.99
  • CN-New Lasercam - $129.99
  • EU-New Lasercam - $129.99

Mintion Lasercam for Laser Engraver/Cutter | LightBurn Camera | LightBurn Wireless Brigde | Remote Monitor & Control | Positioning

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Mintion New Laser Camera

The new Mintion laser camera optimizes the bracket, lens and some functions. You can click on the image below for specific details

Wireless Connection

With the firmware or above V1.2.7, the LightBurn can be connected wirelessly with laser engraver. Also wireless connectivity for data transmission and video streaming is supported.

NOTE: We are not suggesting that users leave the laser engraver unattended. The purpose of the wireless connection with LightBurn is to avoid exposure to the smoke generated during plywood cutting and the toxic fumes from acrylic cutting or engraving, even when using an enclosure. Additionally, camera monitoring ensures that your eyes are not directly exposed to the laser light.

Stay Away from Laser to Protect your eyes and free yourself!

Remote Monitor & Control via PC or Phone, view and manage your engraving process remotely, freeing you to multitask and safeguarding your eyes from prolonged laser exposure and exposure to harmful/bad smelling gases. (Note: The normal usb camera does not support remote view and control)

Why You Need This Flame Detector?

When there's a fire detected, the engraving/cutting will auto-stop and move the laser head to the side, and the camera will alarm and push it to your phone to protect the safety.

Offline Engraving/Cutting & Multi-device management

Free your computer for offline engraving/cutting and can use/manage multiple laser engravers at the same time

High Precision Engraving/Cutting

Mintion laser camera can achieve high-precision calibration and positioning in lightburn, with an error value within 1mm. (eg: 0.05-0.2 calibration scores & fine alignment on Lightburn to achieve- precision laser engraving on 10*10 1mm Grid)

Batch Engraving/Cutting

Mintion laser camera can work as lightburn camera to batch engraving/cutting after positioning, improve usage efficiency.

Trace Image

Mintion Lasercam can easily extract the contours of simple patterns as vector lines through image tracking, and you can use these lines for engraving or cutting.

Remote Monitor & Control the Engraver

You can easily check the artwork and control the engraving on hand, even if it's in the enclosure

Beyond a Camera for Multiple Functions

The Lasercam is specially designed for laser engraver/laser cutter, not just as a normal USB camera

Use on Browser

Besides the app BeagleEngrave, you can also use login the camera on browser and easily upload the gcode

Real-time Prompt Engraving Status

When engraving/cutting is paused/interrupted/completed, the app BeagleEngrave will push a message in real time to let you know the status at the first time.

Check out What They Said

Create Time-lapse Video with Fun

Three different timelapse video modes to generate the video automatically

Clean Timelapse Video

The laser module will be moved aside every 5 seconds (default setting) automatically to create a timelapse video like the art job self-growing.

Normal Timelapse Video

The camera will capture the image each 5 seconds (default setting), but won't move the laser module. The laser module will be inside the video.

Timer Timelapse Video

This mode allows to make timelapse video even without connecting to the engraver. You can set the timing to capture as a camera to make timelapse video.

Laser Engraver/Cutter Compatible List

Lasercam camera compatible with major popular engravers in the market and the list will be updated regularly.

For the wireless function of Lasercam, any Laser engraver supported by LightBurn can be used.


A5 M30 / A5 M40 / A5 M50 / A5 M50 Pro / A5 Pro / A5 Pro+ / A10 Pro / A20 Pro / A30 Pro / A40 Pro / P9 M40 / P9 M50 / P7 M30 / P7 M40 / P9 M50 / S10 PRO / S20 Pro / S30 Pro / S40 Pro / X7 / X7 Pro / X20 Pro / X30 Pro / X40 Pro


AL1 / AL2


Falcon / Falcon2






K1 Pro / K1 Pro Max / K1 Ultra


RAY5 / B1


LM2 / LM2 S2 / LM2 Pro S2 / LM3 / LM3 LE


S6 / S6 Pro / S9 / S10 / S30 / S30 Pro / S30 Pro Max / S30 Ultra


TTS / TS2 / TS3


D1 / D1 Pro

Software List

The Lasercam complies with RGBL protocol and works flawlessly with the gcode files

Compatible Software List

- LightBurn

- LaserGRBL

On Testing Software List

- xTool Creative Space




Video Compression


Video Resolution


Night Version

Black & White; Color Night Version

Frame Rate

Up to 25fps

Auto Time-lapse Video

Clean/Normal/Timer Mode

WiFi Connectivity

Supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz


GRBL protocol engraver and LightBurn & LaserGRBL

Connect to Computer

Type C to USB Cable

Connect to Engraver

USB Cable

Files Storage

Micro SD Card (Default 32 GB)

Upload Gcode File

Yes, .gcode & .nc files

Power Source



1*Holder & 1*Tripod

Camera Box Size


Gross Weight


Why BeagleEngrave?

The Beagle

Excellence Watchdog

The Beagle is an excellent watchdog with a friendly personality; they have reliable guarding and territorial instincts and are highly protective of the family members, making them a good choice for a watchdog.

The BeagleEngrave

Your Engraver Sentinel

We envision our Lasercam camera as a reliable companion for laser engraving/cutting, just like a loyal beagle. It offers remote monitoring and controlling, acting as a vigilant guardian throughout the process, including fire detection. Seamlessly integrated with LightBurn software, it ensures precise positioning, enhancing the engraving experience.

This versatile camera also boasts a one-button auto-generation for time-lapse videos, adding joy and entertainment to the engraving, much like how beagles always find ways to bring laughter and delight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
MIRA julien
Lasercam expérience

This is a geat addon for my laser cutter and engraver.
Very easy to use and install.
Below, it is what I can do with this assistance.

kevin king
Great addition to my set up

Was looking for a solution to eliminate the need to have my computer hooked up while I was laser cutting. The camera was the perfect solution I simply drop the files on to my iCloud Drive and pick it up on the app which has all the controls you née, move, frame and burn, , so easy and being b able to watch progress on the camera was a bonus . Also it worked it out the box, I was up and ruining with about 10 mins

Really pleased with my purchase would highly recommend

David Perry
New camera

I like the camera, I do find it a bit frustrating to line up the camera with the center of my board. Even after multiple try to get it aligned I still have to tweak it after laying out the overlay in lightbulb. Probably user error but if the could include a ring and sting setup to go on the lens for plumb set up that would be great. I may just design something and 3D print it.

Fonctionne à merveille !

Le seul point que j'aimerais voir améliorer, c'est la configuration complète et sans fil (wifi ou blutooth) du logiciel LIGHTBURN . Si non, aucun souci , fonctionne à merveille .

Nice, but need big upgrade

The camera support has notches that don't allow the camera to be aligned correctly.
It would be nice to be able to print and view the camera remotely at the same time, as with Octoprint for 3D printers.

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