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Beagle Camera Firmware Download

Update Date: 2024-4-30

The Mintion Beagle camera is an evolving product, we will update the firmware constantly and regularly to be compatible with more 3d printers and different slicers. Please upgrade to the latest camera firmware and Beagleprint App to have a better experience with our product. please keep updated with this page. 

Update Firmware of Beagle camera

The whole upgrade procedure will take about 3 minutes, and DO NOT cut off the power of the camera when upgrading. Otherwise, the camera will be brick.

How to upgrade the firmware in the Beagleprint?

Version: Beagle_1.2.8

Released Date: 2024-4-30

What's news?

- Fixed the bug of Clean Timelapse Video mode not activating in the Marlin system;

- Fixed the bug of collision issue in some printers;

- Fixed the bug of the refill filament reminder message when printing is finished on the Prusa printer;

Version: Beagle_1.2.6

Released Date: 2024-4-11

What's news?

- Added the feature of Klipper 3d printer compatibility;

- Update compatible 3d printers of Marlin system;

- Fixed the known bugs;

Version: Beagle_1.2.5

Released Date: 2024-3-1

What's news?

- Added the M25 (Pause) command;

- Added the feature that MJPEG video streaming acquisition in Mainsail/Fluid interface by IP address for Klipper 3d printers ;

- Fixed the bug of automatic baud rate adaption;

- Fixed the bug that the status of OTA update processing;

- Fixed the bug that indicated the number of layers when printing;

- Fixed the known bugs;

Version: Beagle_1.2.4

Released Date: 2023-11-17

What's news?

- Added device terminal feature (Included log and command control);

- Added OrcaSlicer for compatibility;

- Fixed the return protocol of temperature for Creality's new firmware of printers;

- Fixed the display bug when the layer number is beyond one;

- Fixed the bug that Z-axis lifting is set to 0mm;

- Fixed the bug that the push message is not synchronized and inaccurate;

- Fixed the bug that the extrusion compensation is default setting by 0mm in Clean Timelapse Video mode;

- Fixed the bug that doesn't move the hot end and hotbed when the printing is finished for the Creality Ender 5 series printer;

- Fixed the bug that the failure access of external network mapping port 7681;

- Fixed the bug of temperature return on Prusa MK4;

- Optimized the gcode parsing logic;

- Optimized the timelapse video logic and supported the Prusa dual hot-end printer for timelapse video;

- Optimized the XYZ axis coordinates flashing speed in timelapse video mode to obtain accurate coordinates for execution;

- Fixed known bugs; 

Version: Beagle_1.2.2

Released Date: 2023-7-28

What's news?

- Added the speed adjustment of the Z axis in Clean Timelapse Video mode and set with default at 720mm/min;

- Added the power switch button of the USB port;

- Add more compatible 3d printer and update the list;

- Fixed the other bugs;

Version: Beagle_1.2.0

Released Date: 2023-5-12

What's news?

- Fixed some 3d printer printing sizes and added more compatible 3d printers;

- Optimized the bug that uploaded the same gcode file and didn't overwrite totally;

- Optimized and assigned the hot end and hotbed to move to the preset position when the printing is stopped and finished;

- Optimized the last time-lapse video record processing on UV Timelapse video mode;

- Fixed the invalid bug when setting 0.1mm of retraction extrusion control;

Version: Beagle_1.1.9

Released Date: 2023-4-12

What's news?

- Optimize the camera registration procedure to APP;

- Add the auto-unbinding procedure from the server after resetting the camera when the camera was added by another's account;

- Optimize the UV Timelapse Video mode process strategy when the model is finished printing;

- Add the processing logic to prohibit downloading and deletion when the timelapse video is not finished generation;

- Optimize the thumbnail to be compatible with gcode which was sliced by Cura;

- Optimize the gcode preview processing logic even if the camera is not connected to the 3d printer;

- Add more compatible 3d printers into the list;

Version: Beagle_1.1.8

Released Date: 2023-3-10

What's news?

- Add UV Timelapse Video Mode for resin 3D printing;

- Add detail to errors on message pushing on the APP;

- Add the Z-offset, Feedrate, and Flowrate to the printing parameters;

- Add the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation adjustment for the video window in the app;

- Add the finished duration setting for Timer Timelapse Video Mode;

- Update the feature to change the fan speed during printing;

- Update the extruder and retract to change when the printer is in pause status;

- Update the 3D printer list for each item and add some updated items for compatibility;

- Update the default timelapse video mode to Normal Timelapse Video;

- Expand the webpage login password length from 16 characters to 32;

- Optimize the camera system processing logic to reduce the bugs of the camera offline;

Version: Beagle_1.1.7

Released Date: 2023-1-16

What's news?

- Add the Timer Time-lapse Video feature

- Fixed the bug of gcode content with M104 S0 failing to generate a time-lapse video problem in the Simplify3D slicer

- Fixed the upload issue of the .gcode/.gco/.g filename with the uppercase suffix

- Fixed the slam issue when there's an interrupt by homing processing

- Added more compatible 3d printers to the list

- Added the compatible with the Lychee slicer (FDM)

- Fixed the compatible issue of Simplify3D 5.0 

Version: Beagle_1.1.6

Released Date: 2022-12-8

What's news?

- Added notification feature of message push for printing completed, printing pause, and printing abnormal on the app;

- Fixed the bug of abnormal display when inputting the custom printer page on the app;

- Optimized the waiting process of heating or other blocking commands when canceling or stopping printing quickly to exit;

- Added more compatible 3D printers to the list;

- Optimized the procedure of upgrading to avoid upgrade failure and re-upgrade issues;

- Fixed the bug of model layers chasm issue on some 3D printers when the time-lapse video feature is on;

- Support for ExFat SD cards;

- Fixed the bug of the camera restarting automatically when the video was lost;

- Optimized the video image quality;

Version: Beagle_1.1.5

Released Date: 2022-10-25

What's news?

- Optimized the verification of the Gcode file command sending, and added the logic that the command will be re-sent if the validation fails.

- Fixed the bug that some commands in the Gcode file have spaces at the beginning that the Prusaslicer sliced.

- Fixed the incompatibility of Gcode files with thumbnails. The reason is that a line of thumbnail data is too long to parse with errors.

- Fixed the bug of coordinate return failing when the time-lapse video feature is on in some CR-10 3d printers.

- Optimized the pause duration when the printing was finished in Clean Time-lapse Video mode.

- Fixed the bug of camera pause in Normal Time-lapse Video mode.

- The maximum length of the Gcode file name is extended from 64 to 127 bytes, and optimized the bug and reminder message if the file name is beyond 127 bytes; the problem of the Gcode name being displayed in a newline is corrected.

- Fixed the bug that the SD card is read-only, which causes the webpage is open with an error.

- Fixed the bug that there are special characters in the Gcode file name that causes abnormality on the webpage.

- Fixed the bug that there's a probabilistically failed to identify in QR Scan Configuration.

- Fixed the bug that coordinates are incorrect in the final position to capture images when the time-lapse feature is on in some Gcode files.

 (This firmware was planned with filament running out to resume the printing feature. However, we found the software solution is not the final solution because we figured out there are many differences between different brands 3d printers. Even some brand 3d printers are run with opposites codes or some with incomplete interaction between USB serial section and chipset. Therefore, we will release a beta version for some 3d printers with the filament resume printing feature. The final solution is we will make a convertor with filament sensor for all 3d printers in coming weeks.)

Version: Beagle_1.1.4

Released Date: 2022-9-22

What's news?

- Fix the bug of uploading gcode from the mobile phone;

- Extend the upload file to 63 bits;

- Extend the wifi password to 127 bits;

(This firmware is urgently fixed for the V1.1.3 version.)

Version: Beagle_1.1.3

Released Date: 2022-9-19

What's news?

- Add the Normal Time-lapse video feature, that is, the hot end do not move aside to generate the time-lapse video when one layer is finished;

- Cancel the image capture for first layer;

- Optimize the wifi password and extend for 64 bits;

- Optimize the bugs of G29 & M420 codes;

- Optimize the crashing bugs for delta 3d printers;

- Optimize the tracking bugs when xyz coordinates is in error;

- Updated more compatible 3d printers list in selection;

Version: Beagle_1.1.2

Released Date: 2022-8-22

What's news?

- Add the OTA feature. The Beagle camera will support online upgrades since the next firmware;

- Add the X/Y coordinates and Z lift distance parameter to the time-lapse video section;

- Add the explain display on the time-lapse video setting;

- Optimize the Delta 3d printer setting when the time-lapse video feature is on, such as the Flsun Super Racer item;

- Updated the compatible 3d printer list in selection;

- Add .gco and .g file suffixes in compatibility;

- Add the preset temperature of PETG filament;

Version: Beagle_1.1.1

Released Date: 2022-7-20

What's news?

- Optimize and update the compatible 3d printers list

- Optimize the web page and remove unnecessary codes

- Change the pause position of the hot end to aside when pause the printing, not the printing position

- Optimize the bugs of custom printer setting

- Add the QR Scan Configuration for the WiFi network (This feature only works for the version V1.1.1 camera firmware and Beagleprint app V1.2.2 version.)

- Add the night version selection on the web page

- Update the remind voice when configure the WiFi connection


If your camera firmware version is below 1.0.9, please upgrade to 1.0.9 version first, because we have root with uboot function on this firmware, which means, even if the camera is brick, it's able to recover. 

Version: Beagle_1.1.0

Released Date: 2022-7-1

What's news?

- Optimize and update the compatible 3d printers list

- Add Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3d printer on compatible

- Add BTT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 mainboard on compatible

- Compatible with SuperSlicer

- Optimize the gcode reading and identification by Cura 5.0

(Prusa 3d printer owners please contact us directly for solution.)


If your camera firmware version is below 1.0.9, please upgrade to 1.0.9version first, because we have root with uboot function on this firmware, which means, even if the camera is brick, it's able to recover. 

Version: Beagle_1.0.9

Released Date: 2022-6-3

What's news?

- Add uboot primary loading program function to avoid the camera becoming brick when upgrading

- Optimize the connection between the camera and the 3d printer when printing to prevent the printer from unexpected stop occasionally

- Optimize the bug of micro SD card formatting

- Optimize the reminder voice when upgrading

- Optimize the message reminder on the PC browser when setting

(The version 1.0.8 is skipped to release because we found two customers failed to upgrade and made the camera to brick after we released the version 1.0.7, and we made an urgent firmware of uboot to upgrade as a complement for them on 31th May. In order to prevent the confusing version, we name the firmware to 1.0.9 version to release this Friday. ) 

Version: Beagle_1.0.7

Released Date: 2022-5-25

What's news?

- Add Prusaslicer for the compatibility of the camera to identify

- Add printing parameters for the time-lapse video function on PC browser

- Optimize the reminder messages for connecting and disconnecting with the 3d printer

- Add physical reset function on the PC browser

Version: Beagle_1.0.6

Released Date: 2022-5-20

What's news?

- Add more 3d printers for the compatibility of the camera

- Add Simplify3D for the compatibility of the camera to identify

- Optimize the camera baud rate communication with the 3d printer

- Add time-lapse video codec in MJPEG format, but the default is in H.264

- Optimize the time-lapse video name by different video codec to show MJPEG or H.264 format

- Add camera physical information on PC browser

- Optimize printable file name on shown

- Add the function to load gcode file to check model information when it's not printing

(Beagle_1.0.5 version is skipped to release is because this version was beta test internal and planned to release today, but we finally optimized the compatibility with Simplify3D this morning, then we decide to put this section together to release. )

Version: Beagle_1.0.4

Released Date: 2022-5-13

What's news?

- Add the 3d printer serial port to display

- Remove the date & time stamp on video screen

- Turn off the audio in default

- Changed the version number

- Fixed the bug of empty line in gcode file

- Fixed the bug of lighting status

- Turn off the normal video in default

- Enhance the video quality

Version: 20220426234854

Released Date: 2022-4-26

What's news?

- Fixed the issue of Wifi configuration remind voice

- Fixed the issue of baud rate on 250K

- Fixed the issue of time-lapse video generation

- Fixed the issue of upload gcode bug

FAQs of Upgrading the Firmware

Why I can't see the video or the camera is offline when the download is finished during the upgrading?

When the camera is in upgrade processing, especially when the download is finished, camera system will erase the previous firmware and reload the new firmware. In this period, camera will lost the wifi connection and you can't connect the camera (or you will see the camera is offline). Please wait for a while, then camera system will connect the wifi network again automatically when the loading is finished, and you will hear the voice of "Successfully connected to the wifi". 

More details, please refer to the upgrading video as follows

Can I upgrade the camera firmware on webpage?

Yes, you can upgrade the camera on the browser too. After you login the camera with the IP address, you can check if there's a new firmware on the "Firmware Upgrade" section of "Setting". If so, click the "Upgrade Now" button to upgrade the firmware of camera. 
What shall I do if the camera is brick? Or why I can't connect the camera again after upgrading?

1. How to discern whether the camera is brick?

If the upgrading period is more than 10 minutes, and the LEDs are always lighting on the back panel of camera, it's probably in brick. 

2. What shall I do if the camera is brick? Is it able to recover?

Yes, it's able to recovery. Please DOWNLOAD the recovery files, and follow the steps in the "readme" file. Please note that, the camera will be recovered and upgrade to V1.2.2 version. 

How shall I upgrade the camera if there's no wifi network?

Please download the latest firmware from this page and copy the .bin file to the root folder of micro SD card from the camera, after inserting back into the camera and power up, the camera will upgrade then. 

Is it workable to downgrade? If so, how shall I downgrade the camera firmware?

Yes, the camera works to downgrade, but it's only workable for micro SD card.

Please download the old firmware from this page and copy the .bin file to the root folder of micro SD card from the camera, after inserting back into the camera and power up, the camera will downgrade then. 

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