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Update Date: 2024-4-17

Beagleprint is an application with an easy and clean interface to watch the real-time video of your 3d printing and monitor your 3d printer status. With Beagleprint, you would auto-generate pretty cool time-lapse videos without any settings.

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Version: V1.4.1

Released Date: 2024-4-16

What's news?

- Fixed the bugs of display issue for the layer, and height , left time of model;
- Fixed known bugs;

Version: V1.4.0

Released Date: 2024-4-11

What's news?

- Added feature of Klipper 3d printers in compatibility;
- Optimize the video streaming;
- Fixed the known bugs;

Version: V1.3.9

Released Date: 2024-1-5

What's news?

- Added the dark mode in the app;
- Added the printer running status on the home page;
- Update the personal page design;
- Optimized the procedure of adding equipment;

Version: V1.3.8

Released Date: 2023-11-17

What's news?

- Fixed the display bug on the share page;
- Fixed the screenshot issue;
- Fixed the display bug when the password is beyond 16 digits during registration;
- Fixed the setting bug of the Z axis when the camera firmware is in V1.2.2 version;
- Fixed the bug that the video is not able to play after disconnection;
- Fixed the Apple IOS 17 compatibility issue; 

Version: V1.3.6

Released Date: 2023-7-28

What's news?

- Added the speed adjustment of the Z axis in Clean Timelapse Video mode;

- Added the power switch button of the USB port;
- Fixed some flashback issues of uploading or deleting the gcode file;
- Fixed some known bugs;
- Optimized some UI design to adapt new features;
- Update the guidelines of Beagle V2 cameras;

Version: V1.3.5

Released Date: 2023-6-21

What's news?

- Added the feature of email login;
- Optimized the countries list in the registration;
- Fixed the uploading issue of the big-size gcode;
- Optimized the UI design and guidelines;

Version: V1.3.4

Released Date: 2023-6-2

What's news?

- Optimized the occasional failure of timelapse settings;

- Optimized the registration and password procedure;

- Fixed the bug of full screen and SD/HD switch issue;

- Optimized the video screen ratio;

- Optimized the pop-up window on first to use;

- Fixed the issue of uploading gcode on Andriod;

- Add the Beagle V2 settings and guidelines;

Version: V1.3.3

Released Date: 2023-5-12

What's news?

- Added the new feature of digital zoom;

- Fixed the bug to become a smaller button after full screen;

- Fixed the bug of flashback when uploading the same gcode file on the app; 

- Optimized the timezone synchronization issue;

- Optimized the save processing on wifi password

- Optimized the processing on the camera connection

Version: V1.3.2

Released Date: 2023-4-12

What's news?

- Add the new pop-up window for UV Sensor and tutorials;

- Update Bluetooth firmware of the Beagle camera;

- Update the Bluetooth firmware of the UV Sensor;

- Fix the bug that the shared camera doesn't display after logout ;

- Add the auto-unbinding procedure from the server after resetting the camera when the camera was added by another's account;

- Update the operation guideline for the UV sensor;

- Fix the display bug on the QR Scan Configuration page;

- Optimize the guidelines procedure of operation;

(V1.3.1 version was released urgently to fix the login issue after the V1.3.0)

Version: V1.3.0

Released Date: 2023-3-10

What's news?

- Add the countries list to be selected on the registration page;

- Add a Help page for support assistance in the app;

- Add a help page and tech assistance if the camera has been added;

- Add the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation adjustment for the video window in the app;

- Add the Z-offset, Feedrate, and Flowrate to the printing parameters;

- Add the finished duration setting for Timer Timelapse Video Mode;

- Add UV Timelapse Video Mode for resin 3D printing;

- Add the Bluetooth Device page and devices management;

- Add the Timelapse Video Mode guideline article in the app;

- Add detail to errors on message pushing on the APP;

- Update the 3D printer list for each item and add some updated items for compatibility;

- Optimize the time interval to obtain the verified code on the registration page; 

Version: V1.2.9

Released Date: 2023-1-16

What's news?

- Optimized the UI interface of multiple cameras

- Add the Timer Time-lapse Video feature

- Optimized the design interface of Wifi signal strength

- Optimized the message pushing

- Optimized the time-lapse videos list interface and status

- Added more compatible 3d printers to the list

Version: V1.2.7

Released Date: 2022-12-9

What's news?

- Fixed the bug of abnormality sharing the camera with others;

- Fixed the bug of abnormal display when inputting the custom printer page;

- Optimized the camera setting and printer settings;

- Added the guideline sections of the camera;

- Added the notification feature for message pushing;

- Added more compatible 3d printers in the list;

Version: V1.2.6

Released Date: 2022-10-25

What's news?

- Fix the bug of the keyboard issue in the registration

- Fixed the bug that there's a probabilistically failed to identify in QR Scan Configuration

- Optimized the time-lapse features on interaction

Version: V1.2.5

Released Date: 2022-9-22

What's news?

- Fix the compatibility of the IOS 16 version;

- Add the features of different time-lapse settings;

- Fix the bug of the Andriod system on video saving;

- Optimize the OTA feature;

- Update the upgraded content in the app;

Version: V1.2.4

Released Date: 2022-8-25

What's news?

- Add the OTA feature; The app will support upgrades online since the next firmware;

- Add the X/Y coordinates and Z lift distance parameter to the time-lapse video section;

- Updated the compatible 3d printer list in selection;

- Add audio feature in video steaming full screen;

Why V1.2.3 version is missing?

When we uploaded the V1.2.2 version to IOS and Google Play, the IOS required the registered account need to have a delete feature, then we reloaded the package to IOS, then it was renamed to the V1.2.3 version; we found some latest mobile phones with Andriod 12/13 version have some bugs to download the time-lapse videos, then we fixed them shortly and named as V1.2.3. Therefore, we didn't update the page for this minor change.  

Version: V1.2.2

Released Date: 2022-7-20

What's news?

- Add the QR scan configuration for Wifi connection (It only works for camera firmware of V1.1.1 version.)

- Add the upgrade guidelines and procedure video

- Optimize bugs of some phones in the initiation 

Version: V1.2.1

Released Date: 2022-7-8

What's news?

- Fix the bug of timezone synchronize

- Optimize some bugs of app to save time-lapse videos

- Optimize the printing parameters of time-lapse video

Version: V1.2.0

Released Date: 2022-6-24

What's news?

- Add the colorful night version function (A slim light environment is required, all in dark is not work. )

- Fix the bug of full screen

- Add the 3d printers compatible list on the printer setting

- Fix the bug of camera share with others

Version: V1.1.8

Released Date: 2022-6-10

What's news?

- Add the printing parameter in time-lapse video functioning

- Add the status display in the AP configuration

- Optimize the micro SD card formatting reminder message

- Optimze some bugs of the app

Version: V1.1.7

Released Date: 2022-5-27

What's news?

- Optimize the gcode file upload

- Optimize the restriction of connecting and disconnecting when the 3d printer is printing

- Optimize the confirmation to stop the printing

Version: V1.1.5

Released Date: 2022-5-20

What's news?

- Add the camera shared function and restrict multiple mobile phones to log in

- Optimize the AP configuration for the camera wifi connection

- Add the time-lapse video codec format

Version: V1.1.2

Released Date: 2022-5-13

What's news?

- Added accurate prompts for login and registration input errors

- Added some command operation feedback

- Fixed the bug of 3d printer setting

- Optimized AP configuration

Version: V1.0.8

Released Date: 2022-4-29

What's news?

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