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How to Connect Beagle Camera(V1&V2) to WiFi without Beagleprint App?

Update: 2024-6-15

This guideline article is for customers who have the Beagle camera but can't finish the WiFi configuration in the Beagleprint app (or want to connect the camera to wifi without app), this solution is a complement for the WiFi connection.

1. Download the WiFi Configuration Files & Power off

1.1. Download the two files from our Google Drive. (Please DO NOT change the file name, otherwise, the following steps will be meaningless.)

1.2. Take off the power cable from the Beagle camera and wait the next step.

2. Modify the WiFi Configuration Files on PC

2.1. Edit the file of "wpa_supplicant.conf" only;

2.2. Open the file by WordPad or Notebook;

2.3. Replace the colon content only, the colon must be kept; input your precise wifi password and wifi name if there're uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters. (Don't change other content.)
    psk means your WiFi password;
    ssid means your WiFi name;

2.4. Save the file and close.

* Please don't mix up the content of WiFi password and name in the file.

3. Copy the configuration files into micro SD card

Copy these two files into the micro SD card to the root folder.

(Please DO NOT change the file name and ensure they are in the root foler of micro SD card.)

4. Insert the card & Power up the camera

Insert the micro SD card into the Beagle camera and plug the power cable to power up the camera. Then you will hear the reminder voice of "Successfully connected to the WiFi". And the WiFi LED will be in solid lighting as right picture.

If you don't hear this voice, please take the micro SD card off from the camera and check the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file is input with correct the password and wifi name on your computer. Please turn back to step #2 again.

5. Add the Beagle camera into the app

Please ensure that the mobile phone is connecting the SAME WiFi network of the camera, otherwise, the app can't search the Beagle camera in the LAN network.

Click "+" to add the camera

Select the "Search in LAN"

Click the IP address to add

Camera is online

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