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Filament Resume Printing Beta Firmware to Upgrade

- Only Work for Bealge Camera -

Update: 2022-11-03

As per beagle camera firmware version V1.1.5 was planned with filament running out to resume the printing feature. However, we found the software solution is not the final solution because we figured out there are many differences between different brands 3d printers. Even some brand 3d printers are run with opposites codes or some with incomplete interaction between USB serial section and chipset.
Therefore, we decide to release this beta version for some 3d printers with the filament resume printing feature. The final solution is that we will make a convertor with filament sensor for all 3d printers in coming weeks.

Note: This beta firmware is only work for some 3d printers.

Unsupported 3D Printer

Anycubic: Kobra Max
Flsun: Super Racer
Artillery: X1 / X2
Longer: LK4 PRO / LK5 PRO

Support 3D Printer

Anycubic: Vyper

Prusa: i3 MK3S+

Firmware Download

Version: Beagle_1.1.5-betaF
Released Date: 2022-11-3

Firmware below V1.1.5 Version to Upgrade Steps

1. Download the V1.1.5-betaF version firmware;
2. Power off the camera and take out the SD card from the camera;
3. Copy the 1.1.5-betaF file into the SD card, in root folder(as the image);
4. Insert the SD card into the Beagle camera and power up;
5. You will hear the upgrading remind voice and two LEDs on back panel will be flashing;
a. DO NOT change the .bin file name, otherwise, the camera system can't identify;
b. DO DELETE other version camera firmware file, otherwise, the camera will be in the cycle of upgrading;
c. DO NOT power off when the upgrading is ongoing, otherwise, the camera will be brick.

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