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Mintion Giveaway Winners List 2023-12-19

Win the Laser Camera, 3D Printer Camera and PLA Filament

Thank you for your participation and support in our thrilling 💥Giveaway💥 campaign, which concluded on December 18th.

🎄🎅Winners List:


1st Place: Jeremiah Slack

2nd Place: Anthony Larrieu

3rd Place: Elie Marquis


1st Place: @duvergedetineo

2nd Place: @solar_print_3d

3rd Place: @madddddin9191


1st Place: @fixumdude

2nd Place: @Knil007

3rd Place: @blakounet47


🥇 1st Place: Lasercam or Beagle V2 Camera x1

🥈 2nd Place: Beagle Camera x1

🥉 3rd Place: PLA Filament 1.75mm x1 (Random Color)

Congratulations to all the winners, please PM me within 3 days.

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Check out the campaign details →Mintion Giveaway 2023-12-12

Mintion Beagle V2 | Special Design for 3D Printer

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