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How to Complete Camera Alignment in LightBurn

Update: 2023-08-15

This guide will provide you with clear and step-by-step instructions on how to align the Mintion lasercam in LightBurn.

Step 1: Power On and Connect the Camera

Start by powering on Mintion laser camera and connecting it to your computer using the USB Type C cable.

Step 2: Access Align Camera

There are two ways to access the "Align Camera" feature. For instance, after completing Camera Calibration, you can click "Align Camera." Alternatively, right-click the screen in the Camera Control window and select "Align Camera."

Step 3: Select USB Video

In the window that appears, select "USB Video" and click "Next."

Step 4: Set Engraving Parameters

Set your engraving parameters in the window that appears. Pay special attention to the Scale parameters. While we provide some reference values for the format (for example, for an engraving machine with a format of 400x400mm, Scale 182 is recommended), you can fine-tune these according to your actual situation. The Scale parameter will affect the positions of points 1-4 in the engraving format. You can view these positions by clicking the Frame button. Ideally, points 1-4 should be as close to the largest engraving format as possible. Once you've set these parameters, click "Start" to begin engraving.

Step 5: Capture the Image

After the engraving is complete, click "Next." Move the laser head to the top position, then click "Capture Image" to import the image into LightBurn.

Step 6: Select the Center of the Marked Points

In the image that appears, you can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can also move the image using the arrow keys on your keyboard. According to the number of coordinates, select the center of the marked point in turn. Finally, click the "Next" button.

Note: Calibration points can be adjusted by double-clicking nearby points.

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