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How to Install Flame Detector

Update: 2023-08-14

Flame detection, as one of the main functions of Mintion lasercam, when detected a flame during engraving/cutting, Mintion laser camera will send a command to stop the engraver machine working and move the laser module aside, then the laser camera will alarm and send the alert message to your phone to keep safety. This article mainly introduces how to install the flame detector on laser engraver and how to add a flame detector to the BeagleEngrave app.

Step 1: Paste the flame detector to the laser module with 3M glue.

Please note:
1. If there is a limit switch on the engraving machine, please be careful not to install the flame sensor on the same side to avoid zero impact.
2. When installing, do not install the flame sensor lower than the laser to avoid a collision between the flame sensor and the material during the laser engraving machine's operation. We recommend that when installing the flame detector, the sensor probe should be 1mm higher than the bottom of the laser module.

Step 2: Use a USB type C cable (3 Metre) to connect to the power plug, then secure cables with zip ties to prevent any interference or tangling during operation.

Step 3: Add the flame detector to lasercam in the BeagleEngrave App:


1.You can confirm adding the corresponding flame detector through the Bluetooth searched device and the label paper on the Camera.

2. If the flame detector cannot be found, check whether the BeagleEngrave has Bluetooth permission and whether the flame detector indicator light is blinking. Also please make sure the Bluetooth firmware of the lasercam is the latest version

3.The flame detector can be reset by long pressing the button on the flame detector, and the indicator light is flashing( (it mean waiting for Bluetooth connection state)

Installing the Lasercam flame detector is a simple process. The detector is affixed with 3M VHB adhesive, then installed on the laser head and powered on. Adding the detector to the laser camera on the BeagleEngrave app completes the process, enhancing your laser engraving machine system's safety and performance.

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