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Popular 3D Printing Models Recently

Update: 2024-1-19

New design models may appear at any moment, and through this article, we hope you can quickly understand the popular models, whether you are seeking design inspiration or planning to DIY them. This article will be of help to you

1.Toroidal Launcher

The "Toroidal Launcher" is a unique 3D printing model designed by Brent Peterson. It features a handheld three-stage planetary gearbox capable of launching a toroidal ring at over 3000 RPM. This innovative design is entirely 3D printable, with all parts fitting together without additional hardware. The model is inspired by the concept of high-speed propulsion and demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in creating complex, functional mechanisms. Its modular gearbox will soon be released as a separate series, highlighting the versatility and expandability of the design.

For more detailed information, you can visit the MakerWorld page.

2.Santa's Snowcat

The "Santa's Snowcat" is a charming 3D-printed model designed for festive decoration and fun. It features a Christmas theme with detailed decorations such as antlers and stars. The model includes opening doors and a movable track system. It's compatible with a motor from the Marble Run Components Kit 003, allowing for forward movement. The design also supports upgrades for remote control functional

For more details, you can explore MakerWorld.

3.Hexx Case Tool Roll

The "Hexx Case Tool Roll" is a modular, stackable storage solution for tools and small items. Inspired by container designs like the Dutch Roly Kit, it features a hexagonal pattern for efficient stacking and space utilization. The case is optimized for 3D printing, using minimal material while providing customizable compartments. It's designed to fit most hand tools, spools, or small bottles and can be customized in color and texture. Despite its strength and durability, the design does have a drawback in accessing middle containers, as it requires unrolling the entire case.

For more details, you can visit Thingiverse

4.Lockable Present - Ingenious mechanism

The "Lockable Present - Ingenious mechanism" by Waikikiprod is a 3D printed gift box featuring a unique locking system. It can be printed in various configurations, including dual-color and mono 3D printer profiles. The design allows for easy assembly without screws, and offers options for different visual effects and printing speeds. The model is well-received for its aesthetic appeal and functionality, although some users suggest improvements for easier assembly. 

For more details, please visit the MakerWorld page.

5. FULLY PRINTABLE OTF Fidget toy(no rubber band)

The "FULLY PRINTABLE OTF Fidget toy(no rubber band)" by LUN5HTIME is a fully 3D printable toy designed without the need for rubber bands or springs. The key component is the V3 Coil, essential for proper function and needs to be tightly fitted. The design emphasizes the importance of deburring and cleaning sharp angles, especially on the blade, for the spring lock mechanism. Users are advised to adjust initial layer settings for ease of cleaning while maintaining bed adhesion. PLA+ is recommended, with PETG noted as less effective for the coil.

For more details, please visit the Thingiverse

6. 3D4U by Miele Coffee Clip

The "3D4U by Miele Coffee Clip" is a 3D printable model designed by Miele. It's a practical and innovative solution for sealing coffee bags, ensuring freshness. The design is tailored for easy printing and usability, offering a functional and aesthetic addition to any coffee lover's accessories. 

For more details and to view the model, please visit Printables.

7.Honeycomb Storage Wall

The "Honeycomb Storage Wall" is a 3D printable design featured on Printables. This model offers an innovative, modular storage solution with a honeycomb pattern. It's ideal for organizing small items in a visually appealing and space-efficient manner. The design is versatile and can be adapted to various spaces and needs.

 For more details and to view the model, please visitPrintables.

8.Collapsing Drill Sword Print-in-Place

The "Collapsing Drill Sword Print-in-Place" is a popular 3D printable model known for its intricate and functional design. It's a one-piece sword that, when printed, can extend and collapse without assembly or additional supports. This design is appreciated for its engineering and the satisfying mechanical action it offers. People like it for its novelty, the challenge it presents to 3D printing enthusiasts, and its aesthetic appeal.

For more details and community comments, please visit theThangs page.

9.Scissor Paint Rack

The "Scissor Paint Rack" is a 3D model designed to organize airbrush dropper bottles. It's suitable for 17ml Vallejo and Army Painter bottles. The rack can be mounted on a wall or placed on a bench for easy access. The updated version (v2) holds 32 bottles and fits an Ender3 build plate, with improved slicing accuracy. Version 3, the "super whopper," increases capacity to 40 bottles. This practical design is ideal for tidy and stylish storage of painting supplies.

For more details, please visit the cults3d page.

10.Satisfying Hexagons

The "Satisfying Hexagons" is a 3D printable geometric toy that doubles as a desk decoration. It's designed to be oddly satisfying to play with and can be enhanced with 4 small magnets (6 mm diameter, 2.5 mm height). If magnets aren't available, the pin can be printed shorter for manual operation, still offering a fun experience.

For more details, please visit the cults3d page.

The above are the ten popular 3D printing models for December shared in this issue, hoping to bring you some inspiration and help.

You can also discover more models suitable for you on, a prominent platform providing customized 3D modeling services. This website showcases popular 3D animal and car models, along with a diverse range of models spanning fields such as anatomy and electronics. There's always an option to meet your specific requirements.

Lastly, below are excellent model sharing and download websites:

MakerWorld: A diverse platform offering a range of 3D models, from practical tools to creative artworks, for makers of all skill levels.

Printables: Features popular, community-liked 3D models across various categories, updated monthly for fresh inspiration.

Cults3D: A digital marketplace for high-quality 3D printable models, catering to both professional designers and hobbyists.

Thangs: A collaborative space for 3D modeling, offering advanced search capabilities and interactive model viewing.

Thingiverse: One of the largest repositories for free 3D printable models, known for its extensive community and variety.

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