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How to set up the Timer Time-lapse Video?

Update: 2023-1-16

This Timer Time-lapse only works for the V1.1.7+ firmware of Beagle camera and the V1.2.8+ Beagleprint app. If your firmware of the camera or app is lower than this version, please upgrade first. 

Step 1 - Print the Twist Focus Tool and Adjust Focus

1. Print the Twist Focus Tool

2. Install and Adjust Focus

Has a problem with Adjust Focus? Please follow the guidelines of this article.

Download the STL file of Focus Tool on Thingiverse.

Adjust the foucs or not according to yout needs.

Step 2 - Choose Timer Time-lapse Video Mode

1. Click Camera Setting on the beagleprint

2. Click Timelapse Setting

3. Choose Timer Time-lapse Video and set the capture image minimum interval seconds

Step 3 - How to recording

1. Click the icon and hold for 3 seconds to start

2. Click the icon and hold for 3 seconds to end

Note: The circle means the recording is in progress, and the √ means the recording is Finished.

Timer Time-lapse Video could be generated without connecting to the 3d printer.

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