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New website is launched

New website is launched
We pround to annouce that our new website is launched with more information to provide and come with catergory guidelines for different products. With this new website, we have optimized the ticket system, support form and live chatting system.

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Login in PC Browser

Make sure the internet are the same with the camera, only supoort in LAN

Find the IP address from the Beagleprin APP

After the Beagle camera is successfully connected with your mobile phone in the Beagleprint, you will find the camera IP address in the camera setting page. 

Please follow the steps to access:

Input the IP address to your computer

With this information, you can input the IP address in browser to login the camera. 

The default account and password is "admin", then you will get the interface as belows:

In Conclusion

Support Phone and Computer

So easy, and you can find more information our website.

If there's any question or need assistance from us, please feel free to contact us at

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